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Ideas for roleplaying with slaves

This is a list of Quick ideas, remember a girl is there to roleplay and enjoy it, if you just send her away to roleplay on her own, you will quickly make her time miserable....involve her in large Roleplay, get her in chores where she will have fun, with you or with more people. Put yourself in her situation and ask yourself if you would enjoy doing the chore you are about to give her. BE CREATIVE and remember she is there to pleased you, but remember you are there to also help her to feel happy. Dark.


Quick ideas:

*Boot polishing - it is very gorean to have a Master command a slave to clean His boots with her mouth and tongue. Using her hair to polish and dry them.


*Use a girls hair as a napkin


*Place a cup on a girls head, make her hold it there while you converse without spilling it


*Test a girl on her paces..whip her if she gets it wrong.


*Make a girl give you a foot bath or foot massage


*Give her laundry to do, have her mend your socks, have her put a hem in your gown


*Have her go and collect vulo eggs in a basket


*Try to use a girl for a messenger (rather than using IMs)


*Use a girl for your caste - just be sure it is interactive, dont send her away to play by herself but involve her. For example, merchant - tell her to unload cargo - watch and whip her if she is too slow. Physician - have her scrub the floor - scold her if she misses a spot. Scribe - toss a bunch of crumpled up scrolls to her and make her roll them up and sort them. Warrior - take a girl for target practice or try to down her from your tarn


*Make her demonstrate postions and describe what they are used for or command her into different positons and test her knowledge


*Quiz her and teach her


*Have a girl dance for you


*Take a bath stinky! Red silks who are level 3 and higher can give baths and massage


*Ask for a massage - it doesn't have to be sexual..even a hand massage is nice or rubbing at the temples


*Have her sew up a rip in your pants, while you are still wearing them!


*Try to involve the environment around you - if you are in a relaxed setting and trying to think of something to involve a girl in look around you. If you are outside the kennel on the bench tell her to get a bucket of lemon water and wipe the benches down, have her pulls weeds, have her climb the tree in search of a birds nest or fruit. If you are in the cafe have her get a pot from the kitchen and wooden spoon and play it like a drum.


*If you have several slaves tell them they need to gather together and they have 5 minutes to figure out how to entertain the free. I did this once and had slaves juggling fruit, telling jokes, doing imitations, and even beating each other up.


*Ask her about her history. Many slaves have seen much of Gor and have interesting tales.


*Put slaves in competition with each other, who can dance better? who can serve faster? make them broom fight each other.


*Take a genuine interest - because a girl is a slave does not mean she is brainless. Some of these girls are extremely smart, she might even have some ideas to help you out with a problem.


*Make the slaves race each other up and down the wall. The winner gets a special prize


*Make her tell you a story


*Ask if she has an musical instruments to play a tune for you


*Have her brush and comb your hair


There are all just a couple quick ideas..it is all up to your imagination on how you can play with slaves. Remember, slaves are here to roleplay too, try to involve them rather than sending them away, engage them and have some fun!

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